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XPages Masterclass Video Series 1 – Video 4 Now Available!

In this final video of the first XPages Masterclass Video Series, you will learn about four of the main characteristics of the XPages Request Processing Lifecycle.  That is Reliability, Integrity, Consistency, and Efficiency.

For each characteristic, you are guided through coded examples taken directly from the supporting lifecycle.nsf application, with the Efficiency characteristic being the one where you as an XPages developer have the most influence over in terms of making your XPages code perform better.

This final installment to the first XPages Masterclass Video Series climaxes with a case study of the Greenwell Helpdesk application where material from all four Series 1 videos are brought together in order to both profile and explain why two versions of the same Greenwell Helpdesk application perform so differently.

For example, one version takes almost 8 seconds to page in a view versus less than 0.5 seconds in the other, also, one version takes over 10 seconds to execute a simple event handler versus less than 200 milliseconds in the other.  All by way of understanding the XPages Request Processing Lifecycle and carefully applying this knowledge accordingly!

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