Tony McGuckin is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM and leading subject matter expert on software development using IBM application development tooling and middleware for the XPages framework and Notes/Domino platform.  He is a co-author of best-selling IBM Press books on XPages development including Mastering XPages and the XPages Portable Command Guide.

At IBM, Tony works on research and development of the XPages Core Runtime with his colleagues at the IBM Ireland Software Labs.  He is also a frequent speaker at Application Development conferences on his areas of expertise.  His areas of expertise span everything from front-end to back-end engineering, through desktop, mobile, and server development, distributed architecture and design, parallel computing and concurrency, performance and scalabilty, profiling and tuning, User Experience, through to mobile application development for iOS and Android.  He has development expertise using C/C++, Java, XSP, Client and Server-Side JavaScript, along with several other scripting and markup languages, Relational/Non-Relational and Object-Relational methodologies, and J2EE.

(Note: All posts, comments, opinions, or otherwise are those of Tony – not IBM)

Also see: Training & Advice


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